FactMiners' Fact Cloud and Witmore's Text as Massively Addressable Object

I've just published a long-read, Deep Weedsy piece on Medium.com entitled: "FactMiners' Fact Cloud and Witmore's Text as Massively Addressable Object". I welcome your reading and especially comments and questions.

My purpose in writing this article is two-fold:

  • As a backgrounder/profile -- a 'manifesto' of sorts -- that I hope Robert Miller of the Internet Archive will have a chance to read before we meet next week at #DPLAfest.

    As part of my second post-cancer Bonus Round, my pipedream is to secure the interest and find external funding for a research fellowship to pursue our FactMiners and Softalk Apple Project applied research agenda from a position inside, and with collaborative support, of the Internet Archive to, in effect, join us in exploring the deeper levels of "massive addressability" of the Archive's digital collections, and

  • As a pubic letter of self-introduction to Michael Witmore, Jonathan Hope and the Computational Literary Linguistics community to explore "Rainman/Sherlock" collaborations as described in this newly published article and its related, earlier piece here.

I invite you to read the full article on your phone or tablet in the Medium app, or on-line in your browser.

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