Our Research is Active, this Site is Not...

Thank you for visiting the FactMiners.org website. The research we are doing to preserve and highlight the 48-issue run of Softalk magazine is on-going and active. This site and our effort to build a community around our research is dormant, however.

You will find the full digital collection of Softalk magazine at the Internet Archive, here. There is a link to the MAGAZINEgts ground-truth storage metadata file for the collection on the About page of the collection at the Archive. Links to our research publications and project updates can be found on our ResearchGate.net profiles here for Jim and here for Timlynn.

Our activity now consists of creating the MAGAZINEgts ground-truth storage format for historic serial publications AND its implementation through a reference model example for Softalk.

March 2023 NOTE: Following Jim's devastating spinal cord injury in July 2020, our life focus has dramatically altered. We remain active doing our research as described above, however we have archived this Drupal-based website as a static HTML edition to remove the complexity of site maintenance and security.