Game Ideas

Is FactMiners Like or Tiltfactor's

Pressed for time? The short answer is, "Yes, in all the most general and important ways, and 'No' in the specific way that we are designing our #LODLAM social-gaming platform around an "embedded metamodel subgraph" design pattern within an Open Source stack based on the Neo4j graph database and Structr, the Neo4j-based next-gen CMS and web services framework.

Introducing the 'Seeing Eye Child' Robot Adoption Agency

The 'Seeing Eye Child' Robot Adoption Agency is similar to the 'Tamagotchi' or 'digital pet' gaming phenomena that hit in the mid-1990's and is still going strong. The difference here is that we harness our little cognitive learning machines – AKA FactMiners game players – to 'adopt' a robot (AKA a machine-learning program with some form of vision – image intake and analysis – capability) and help it to learn to see and understand its world. As an adoptive 'Seeing Eye Child', players take on the roles of coach and referee for training sessions where adopted robots learn to see what's in the British Library images.

A FactMiners' Fact Cloud for the British Library Image Collection

I was thrilled to read the announcement this week in the British Library Digital Scholarship blog about the Library's uploading to the Flickr Commons of over 1 million Public Domain images scanned from 17th, 18th, and 19th century books in the Library's physical collections. The Flickr image collection makes the individual images easily available for public use.