Softalk Apple Is First Collection at Internet Archive with FactMiners' MAGAZINE Ground Truth Storage Metadata

FactMiners and The Softalk Apple Project are excited to announce that The Softalk Apple Project's digital collection of the Apple edition of Softalk magazine is now included in both "The Computer Magazine Archives" and "Magazine Rack" collections at the Internet Archive. Our projects also were granted full admin rights to the Softalk Apple collection at the Archive in support of our applied research.

FactMiners & PRImA Partner on Knight News Challenge Entry

FactMiners is immensely pleased to announce our collaborative entry in the current "Data Edition" of the Knight News Challenge. With encouragement of our the Internet Archive, we have proposed an innovative idea and project implementation to partner with PRImA, the Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Research Center to "Turn Text Soup into Smart Data in Newspaper & Magazine Archives".

FactMiners & Softalk Apple Project to Host Global Collaboration Day Event!

Psssst.... this is just a quick heads-up ahead of the official announcement forthcoming...

FactMiners & The Softalk Apple Project are pleased to announce that we will host a Global Collaboration Day Event "all day" on September 17th.! :-)

Details of our event will be forthcoming and announced here as an update to this announcement. Time is short, so we're in crunch mode to be ready for this fun event.

FactMiners Partners with Internet Archive to Accelerate Softalk Apple Project Digitization and R&D and The Softalk Apple Project are very pleased to announce our partnership with the Internet Archive that will dramatically accelerate the digitization, preservation, and public access to an archival-quality digital collection of the full 48-issue run of the Apple edition of Softalk magazine.

FactMiners and The Softalk Apple Project Are Ashoka/LEGO #Play2Learn Semi-Finalists!

We are very excited to announce that both FactMiners and The Softalk Apple Project have been selected as semi-finalist Pacesetter projects in the Ashoka/LEGO #Play2Learn Challenge. Selection as a Pacesetter comes after a thorough screening process in which 636 entries were considered. We are incredibly pleased to be moving on to the next phase of this Challenge. Proposals ACCEPTED for #MCN2014

We are EXTREMELY pleased to report that BOTH our proposals have been accepted for presentation at #MCN2014! In this post you will find copies of our two proposals for presentations at this year's Museum Computer Network conference to be held in Dallas in November. These proposals are being submitted as companion presentations which, together, will give a good overview of the Big Ideas (the people and organizations comprising our social game ecosystem) as well as the Nitty Gritty (the embedded metamodel subgraph design pattern) tech details about FactMiners.

FactMiners Fact Clouds to be CIDOC-CRM Compliant is pleased to announce adoption of the Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) of the International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The CIDOC-CRM is an 'ontology' for cultural heritage information, in other words it describes in a formal language the concepts and relations relevant to the documentation of cultural heritage. This ISO standard will be used as the reference model for the development of the FactMiners Fact Cloud metamodel that will logically organize the 'facts' to be 'mined' out of our initial project — the digital archive of Softalk magazine — respecting both the elements of its editorial content and the complex document structure of a magazine.

Neo4j GraphGist Design Docs On-line

UPDATE: I'm very pleased to note that this 2-part GraphGist won First Place in the Other category of the Neo4j GraphGist Winter Domain Modeling Challenge! :-)

I have been very quiet during the year-end holiday and throughout January. I have been busy in the 'deep weeds' of moving the FactMiners social-game ecosystem forward. Quick summary... The FactMiners game is the means we will use to create an incredible 'Fact Cloud' of all the information in all 48 issues of Softalk magazine. It is an ambitious mission, but one that is guaranteed to be "serious fun"– especially when we create a crowdsource game technology and community (that's the ecosystem scope of this).