FactMiners & Softalk Apple Project to Host Global Collaboration Day Event!

Psssst.... this is just a quick heads-up ahead of the official announcement forthcoming...

FactMiners & The Softalk Apple Project are pleased to announce that we will host a Global Collaboration Day Event "all day" on September 17th.! :-)

Details of our event will be forthcoming and announced here as an update to this announcement. Time is short, so we're in crunch mode to be ready for this fun event.

Transkribus & Crowdsourcing

I have contributed a 6-part series of short articles to a new FactMiners' Musings publication on Medium about my discovery and exploration of the wonderful Transkribus applied researchers at the University of Innsbruck and their amazing Big Vision for the TRP, the Transkribus Recognition Platform.

In addition to a basic introduction to these folks and their research, in the last piece in the series I frame their crowdsourcing transcription platform that supports historical handwritten document recognition (the hardest kind of OCR) as a Social Machine. Social Machines can be envisioned as part of an Entrepreneurial Community Ecosystem and should be explored as among the incubators for what "human work" will look like in the 21st Century.

Is FactMiners Like or Tiltfactor's

Pressed for time? The short answer is, "Yes, in all the most general and important ways, and 'No' in the specific way that we are designing our #LODLAM social-gaming platform around an "embedded metamodel subgraph" design pattern within an Open Source stack based on the Neo4j graph database and Structr, the Neo4j-based next-gen CMS and web services framework. Proposals ACCEPTED for #MCN2014

We are EXTREMELY pleased to report that BOTH our proposals have been accepted for presentation at #MCN2014! In this post you will find copies of our two proposals for presentations at this year's Museum Computer Network conference to be held in Dallas in November. These proposals are being submitted as companion presentations which, together, will give a good overview of the Big Ideas (the people and organizations comprising our social game ecosystem) as well as the Nitty Gritty (the embedded metamodel subgraph design pattern) tech details about FactMiners.

FactMiners: Scientists Say It's a Great Idea!

Okay, the headline's unnamed scientists did not specifically say that the idea for the FactMiners social-game ecosystem we're developing in support of The Softalk Apple Project is a great idea. What they are saying is that game-powered crowdsourcing methods are a tremendous resource for doing real and important science research.